Fixed Crashes, Auto-Spawn, Cancel Buttons, Level Rotation, Arrows, and Colorized Usernames


Some players were experiencing crashes while loading into new levels.  We traced this back to clearing VRAM during level loading and commented out that code for now.


Players on bad networks would get stuck at auto-spawn sometimes.  We added in a timeout and re-connect feature to ensure auto-spawn always works.

Cancel Buttons

Added cancel buttons to the spawn menu to allow players to gracefully exit if they ever get stuck there again.

Level Rotation

Greatly improved level rotation ability by standardizing how objects and their physics are constructed and destructed over the network.  This will solve the problem of seeing old objects in new levels, crashes, and a bunch of other stability and quality-of-life issues.


Made the arrows render on top of the user interface so they are not blocked by it anymore.

Colorized Usernames

Added colorized usernames to the players to help with visual identification.

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Dec 05, 2018

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