Lighting Toggle, Extra Blood & Guts, Bouncy Grenade, Double Jump, New Bling

Lighting Toggle

Added the ability to turn on/off lighting in the settings window so lower-performance computers can run the game at 1080p and a solid 60 frames-per-second.  We found the trade off is well worth it as Netblast gameplay is best experienced at the highest frame rate possible.

Extra Blood & Guts

We wanted to give people even more satisfying bullet hits and kills so we added 4x the amount of blood emission, 2x the amount of guts/gib emission, randomized exit direction, and added 4x the emissions velocity.  Oh yeah!  Expect to be splattered with massive carnage.

Bouncy Grenade

Added a new gear item called the bouncy grenade.  You can toss the grenade in the direction of your gun and it will bounce around causing direct and proximity damage to it's victim.

Double Jump

Added a new gear item called double jump.  It's basically a vertical dash where you can boost your jump for a second to achieve greater heights in the game and in life.

New Bling

Added some amazing bling such as a Bunny costume, our community member Rembo's hair/shirt/pants, and our community member Shadowhawk's mask/shirt/pants.  I think it's pretty awesome to get yourself into a fricken video game.  Box checked!

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Jan 31, 2019

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