Crash Fix, New Music, Knock Back, SMG Fix, Screen Shake, Melee Fix, Bug Fixes

Crash Fix

Fixed a major crash that was happening during gameplay when grenade or other explosions occurred.

New Music

Added a cool new track to the player select screen to replace our old Castlevania tune.

Knock Back

Revamped the entire "knock back" system in the game.  Improved the knock back due to gun fire, bullet hits, explosion hits, etc.


The new knock back system also fixes the long standing problem of the SMG recoil being excessive and sending your player flying across the screen.

Screen Shake

Added much more noticeable screen shake to give the weapons and explosions a more powerful feeling.  Also added different types of screen shake for gun fire and explosions.  This effect added with the new knock back gives the guns and explosions a much more satisfying effect.

Melee Fix

Increased the number of times melee can be pressed per second to bring back the satisfying melee spam mechanic.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug where players could not exit from the spectator mode when tracking another player and increased the updated interval to 300 seconds to avoid issues people were seeing with the auto updater.

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Feb 17, 2019

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