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Player Levels

Players are now assigned a level based on adding up the levels of their armed strap, aug, and mod.  For example, if you have a level 5 strap armed, a level 3 aug armed, and a level 4 mod armed then you would be at level 12 (5 + 3 + 4).  You can see other players' levels while playing the game so you know how powerful a player is that you're fighting against.  Killing a player of a higher level gives you more coin for the kill which leads us to the next section...

Extra Coins

You now get extra coins when you kill a player at a higher level than you.  Anytime you kill a player at a higher level than you, you get your 5 base coins plus 1 extra coin per the difference between your level and the higher level of a player you kill.  For example, if you are a level 5 and you kill a player at level 10 then you get 10 coins for that kill (5 base coins + 5 extra coins).  Lower and equal level players to you still give you 5 coins when you kill them.  This system allows lower-level players (noobs/beginners) to get more credit for killing higher-level players thereby making their initial gameplay more fair and rewarding.

Auto Arm Level

Now, when you purchase a new item from the HQ Bay, it automatically arms the highest level of that item across all of your player configurations.

Secure Updates

Our domain is now secure with SSL.  We have updated the auto updater to use the new secure SSL channel to update your game.

New Website SEO

Our new website is now live and secure at  It is also "search engine optimized" now and appearing in Google search results.

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Jan 28, 2019

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