Freeze, Crashes, and Bug Fixes


There was a major game freeze where bad network data could be sent to the physics engine causing it to choke up.  This caused the game to become completely unresponsive.  This has been fixed!


There were some crashes also due to bad network data.  We rewrote a lot of the network object code and have not seen a crash since.  This has been fixed!

Bug Fixes

Fixed the rocket launcher not spawning sometimes, bullets not being deleted that exited the level, players falling through the level, long AFK kick times, friendly fire shields taking damage in TDM, chat freeze on game won, and a bunch of other stuff.


This release was ALL about stability.  We want to make sure our players enjoy the game without having to deal with immersion-breaking bugs.  We hope the fixes above allow more people to enjoy the game at its maximum potential. Up next, we are going to be working on dedicated server map rotation.

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Nov 14, 2018

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