Massive Sprint

Just did a massive 6 week sprint and got a ton of stuff done as follows:

  • Improved instructions at the start of the game.
  • Capture point art and capture visuals/effects.
  • Arrows pointing to current objectives within the game.
  • Tons of bug fixes and other small improvements.
  • Player squash on jump.
  • Usernames are beneath player feet now.
  • Players move slower if carrying a ball.
  • Gun reload and new sound effects.
  • Air drag with max fall velocity.
  • Bullet hit indicators on walls and ground.
  • Removed ball gravity.
  • Invincibility for 3 seconds after spawn w/ sprite flicker.
  • Players carry ball on back instead of head now.
  • Muzzle flash on gun fire.
  • Player death animation and permanent corpse.
  • Reduced bullet accuracy.
  • Players get knocked back after getting hit with a bullet.
  • Players get knocked back after shooting their gun.
  • Rule of 3 camera positioning.
  • Gun lag when jumping and moving.
  • Gun kickback movement when firing.
  • Bullet shells.
  • Players explode when they die.
  • Explosion flash.
  • Explosion smoke.
  • Improved end of game experience.
  • Player shirt colors now correspond to their spawn point color.

I am going to add new screen shots and videos of the game-in-action to the page next week when I get back on a computer that is capable of doing in-game screen recordings.

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Apr 03, 2018

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