Graceful Logoff/Disconnection/Quitting, Controller Support, In-Game Chat, and Major Bug Fixes

Had a very long two week sprint where I added and reworked a TON of stuff in the game such as:

  • Graceful logoff, disconnection, and quitting (i.e. no more insta-quit on pressing escape).
  • Added controller support.
  • Added in-game chat.
  • Fixed an insane amount of major bugs:
    • Completely rewrote the entire master game state system.
    • Fixed a ton of memory leaks and odd crashes.
    • Fixed oddities on level restart (e.g. balls in wrong location).
    • Fixed the double jump bug.
    • Etc.

Looking forward to improving the level design now including adding in some fun AI creatures!

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Feb 19, 2018

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