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Recent updates

Rail Gun, Hit Points, and Contra Skin
Rail Gun Added an amazing new weapon called the "rail gun." This gun rounds out our core weapon offering and adds a high powered, accurate, fast, and long rang...
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Music and Sound Effects Volume and Display Settings
Music and Sound Effects Volume Now you can adjust the volume of the music and sound effects individually from the in-game escape menu. You can now turn down th...
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Crash Fix, Update Interval, and Auto-Update Fix
Crash Fix One of the final remaining crashes would happen after a game was won and the level was switching. We believe we have finally fixed this for good! Wi...
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Dash Gear and Melee Ability
Dash Gear We have added our first "Gear" to the HQ Bay as the ability to "dash" your player. For only 500 coin you can boost your player's speed for one second...
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Windows Icon, Credit Card Form, Version Message, AmericanDad Skin/Bling
Windows Icon Added an official Netblast Windows icon to launch the game from making it look more professional. Credit Card Form Added some card, SSL, and Powere...
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Auto Updates
Auto Updates We've been waiting for this feature for quite a while. Before, you had to manually figure out that you needed a new version, uninstall the current...
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Epic Release: Skin/Bling Purchases and Grenade Launcher
Epic Release This is one of those rare releases where we add in some literally game changing features. Skin/Bling Purchases The new skin/bling purchase system p...
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Fixed Crashes, Auto-Spawn, Cancel Buttons, Level Rotation, Arrows, and Colorized Usernames
Crashes Some players were experiencing crashes while loading into new levels. We traced this back to clearing VRAM during level loading and commented out that...
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