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Recent updates

New Crosshairs and Higher Visibility Pickups
New Crosshairs You can now select a custom crosshair cursor in the main menu settings. The new crosshair cursors are higher visibility, larger, better shaped...
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Elo Ranking System
Elo Ranking System In an effort to amplify competition and progression within Netblast, we've added an Elo-based ranking system. This is the same system used i...
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Crash Fix, New Music, Knock Back, SMG Fix, Screen Shake, Melee Fix, Bug Fixes
Crash Fix Fixed a major crash that was happening during gameplay when grenade or other explosions occurred. New Music Added a cool new track to the player selec...
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Animated Backgrounds, Ambient Music, Miscellaneous
Animated Backgrounds In order to make the levels feel more alive and give us extra graphical eye-candy, we have added some amazing new animated backgrounds to t...
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Spectator Smooth Camera and Spectator Player Tracking
Spectator Smooth Camera Added smooth camera movement to spectator mode. Spectator Player Tracking Added the ability to automatically track individual players in...
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Gun Aim
Gun Aim After adding the laser sight, it became apparent that the gun, bullet, cursor, and laser sight were not perfectly aligned. This has now been fixed and...
Health & Shield Bars, Laser Sight, Bug Fixes
Health & Shield Bars Added small health and shield bars under each player. Now, you can see exactly how much health and shield you and your opponents have at a...
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Lighting Toggle, Extra Blood & Guts, Bouncy Grenade, Double Jump, New Bling
Lighting Toggle Added the ability to turn on/off lighting in the settings window so lower-performance computers can run the game at 1080p and a solid 60 frames-...
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